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Broken Halves of a Milky Sun

Aaiún Nin
Poetry / African
ON SALE February 01, 2022
$23.00/ $30.00 CAN | 96pp | 5-1/2 x 8-1/4
ISBN: 9781662600791

With the emotional undertow of Ocean Vuong and the astute political observations of Natalie Diaz, a powerful poetry debut exploring the effects of racism, war and colonialism, queer love and desire.

In their breathtaking international debut, Aaiún Nin plumbs the depths of the lived and enduring effects of colonialism in their native country, Angola. Now seeking asylum in Denmark, Nin untangles complexities of exile, the reckoning of familial love, but also reveals the power of queer love and desire through the body that yearns to love and be loved. Nin shows the ways in which faith and devotion serve as forms of oppression and interrogates the nature of home by reclaiming the persistent echoes of trauma. A captivating blend of evocative prose and intimate testimony, Nin speaks to the universal vulnerability of existence.

Astra House Books - Broken Halves - Aaiún Nin

AAIÚN NIN (born 1991) is a writer, mixed media artist and painter born in Luanda, Angola. Aaiún’s poetry has been published in… read more >>