Dreaming of You

A Novel in Verse
Melissa Lozada-Oliva
Fiction | Poetry
ON SALE October 26, 2021
$23.00 / $30.00 CAN | 216pp | 5.5 x 8.25
ISBN: 9781662600593

Melissa, a young Latinx poet grappling with loneliness and heartache, decides one day to bring Tejano pop star Selena Quintanilla back to life. The séance kicks off an uncanny trip narrated by a chorus of gossiping spirits as Melissa journeys through a dead celebrity prom, encounters her shadow self, and performs karaoke in hell. All the while, Melissa and Selena navigate the consequences of fame and obsession, wrestling with the cost of being seen as your truest self.

Absurd, lyrical, and heartfelt, Dreaming of You is a genre-bending interrogation of identity, love, death, and disillusionment, and the cost of celebrity worship.