God of Mercy

A Novel
Okezie Nwọka
ON SALE November 2, 2021
$28.00 / $37.00 CAN | 312pp | 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781662600838

Homegoing meets Black Leopard, Red Wolf, this revelatory debut is a mesmerizing postcolonial novel that challenges the way we view the world and ourselves.

God of Mercy is set in Ichulu, an Igbo village where the people’s worship of their gods is absolute. Their fear and adherence to tradition have allowed them to evade the influences of colonialism, neocolonialism, globalization. But the village is reckoning with changes, including a war between gods signaled by Ijeoma, a nine-year-old girl, who discovers she can fly. As tensions grow between Ichulu and its neighboring villages, Ijeoma is shunned by her community, rejected by her father, and forced into exile. Reckoning with her powers and exposed to the outside world, Ijeoma is imprisoned by a Christian church under the accusation of being a witch. Suffering through isolation, she comes to understand the truth of merciful love.

A novel about wrestling with gods, confronting demons, and understanding one’s true purpose, God of Mercy unites African and Black American literary conventions to reimagine the nature of tradition and cultural heritage.

God of Mercy author Okezie Nwoka

OKEZIE NWỌKA (he/they) was born and raised in Washington, DC. They are a graduate of Brown University, and attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop… read more >>